International Relations, entered to the literature as a science into science after 1945, the government of all kinds between the political, cultural and human relations in the economic field as a science that examines the wound is there. This section is one of the most prestigious in the world. Our graduates could be employed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Intelligence, the embassy is located in foreign countries, representation, mission and are ranked first by the area supervisor employed by government departments such as the consulate.

Although you can easily both of our department students at various levels of government employment after graduation are preferred as a priority by the private sector. The department of international developments provide an overview of the multi-faceted scientific infrastructure in order to obtain the necessary cognitive skills to enable them to interpret in terms of information and analytical manner.

First class training aims to develop academic skills before, Russian and English preparatory courses with starting Department's political history in the years ahead, political ideas history, logic science, constitutional law and international law, international relations theory, international organizations, world politics, compulsory courses such as Turkish foreign policy and the European Union, the Middle East, the Balkans, and is situated on a series of focused electives leading to the Caucasus.

Department of International Relations, various student activities, job and career choices after graduation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in preparation for exams and graduate education is to make students to counseling.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Elnur Hasan MIKAIL

Kars Kafkas University

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Head of  International Relations Department